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Domestic violence can be verbal or physical.  The “sticks and stones” adage may be true advice about walking away from a fight; but, when “little ears,” expecting to hear words of encouragement and love, are “slapped” with stinging screaming invective, their psyche suffers.

Verbal abuse may also hide the ugliness of physical abuse, as it is very common for a familial abuser to “conspire” with the child to keep the abuse hidden within the family unit.  It usually takes time for a parent’s abuse to morph from the verbal into the physical, a gradual process as the abuser becomes more comfortable in inflicting his/her will in anger on their child.  

As the abuse escalates in “kind” and frequency, the child begins to equate violence (verbal or physical) with love.  This dangerous lesson – which can come from merely witnessing abuse in the household directed against another family member or from being the target of the abuse – has far-reaching consequences.  Children who grow up this twisted sense of familial love, become, as adults, drug-abusers, criminals, high-school dropouts, victims of rape and other sexual crimes, victims of domestic violence, abusers themselves, in percentages between 50% and 300% greater than children who grow up in a “safe” family.  Some experts feel that the existence, or lack of existence, of domestic violence in the household is a prime predicator of success as an adult in life and relationships.

Unfortunately, some men and women also use allegations of family violence as a false legal sword to obtain a tainted goal, denigrating the reality that so many are daily battered by their abusers.  Sometimes, the batterer even does this.  Hence, clients may need the service of an experience attorney to defend against manufactured claims of domestic violence, just as other clients need strong legal protection against the fear of what a batterer might do.

With years of prosecuting batters and handling hundreds of family violence infused domestic cases, we believe that the Rockefeller Law Center has one of the best blends of family violence prosecution and defense experience in the Middle Georgia area.  This means that we have both the legal acumen to steer you to an appropriate conclusion, as well as help you navigate the emotional shoals of fear and pain.

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