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Over the years, the attorneys at the Rockefeller Law Center, P.C., have grown a reputation of being one of the leading law firms in the Middle Georgia area to help Military Persons and/or Dependent Spouses navigate the churning emotional waters that is a Military Divorce and/or Custody case.  The stresses on our military families are enormous; it is a small wonder so many of them eventually crash and burn.  The sacrifices made from both sides of the military family have value (whether or not a dollar figure can be attributed) and the pain of separation is palpable.

We believe that we cannot just blindly litigate military divorce/custody cases.  Our goal is to usher our clients through the tensions and potential emotional train wreck that comes with the hard financial realities of a miliary divorce and, if custody is involved, often degenerating into a present and, likely future fight for custody of children.  Whether it is a service member feeling the loss of a family safety net or the dependent spouse feeling betrayed, these cases are raw.

On top of the emotional storm that is a military family law fight, these are extremely complicated and require a strong attorney-client team well-versed in the military aspects (from retirement rules to anticipating the consequences of PCS base assignments) of family law matters, fighting for the same goal.  Decisions made so lightly, given that they are about past sacrifices, future retirement, and, if children are involved, the consequences last a childhood and beyond.

What we have learned, from our years of experience in this area of practice, is that our clients have difficulty fighting past the pain and angst; it is so difficult to make rational decisions when you feel like you are bargaining away a dream.  At those times, you need the backing of an attorney’s office you can trust to help you reach the best possible outcome – sometimes this means to fight, but often it means negotiating the best possible settlement out of court.  

Other times, settlement is not possible.  When that happens, you need to have equal trust that your attorney can be your champion in court, with the savvy, seasoning, and skills of persuasion to put together a solid case.  

We like to think that we offer the best combination of advice and litigation talents, when it comes to military family law fights, of any other family law firm in the Middle Georgia region.  We help our clients reach “best fit” resolutions.  Hence, whether you need strong moral and litigation support to prop you up in a battle you did not wish upon yourself, or you feel the need to fight, the Rockefeller Law Center, P.C., should be able to meet your needs.

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