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We are committed to being there for our clients - patiently listening, addressing concerns and questions, and keeping our clients advised of the progress of his/her case at every stage. We want you to know what your rights are and how to best protect them.

We do this by having one of the most modern law offices in the middle Georgia area and competent staff to assist you.  Everything that comes into and out of our office is promptly forwarded to our clients.  And, we have both a dedicated paralegal, Jensen Barrett, who works with you on your family case to its conclusion, as well as Mr. Rockefeller working together to your case’s conclusion – if you ever need to see Mr. Rockefeller, just call Jensenl and make an appointment. Finally, we are very available by e-mail or using our voice-mail phone system.  The service you receive should be the best in the area.

What we at Rockefeller Law Center have found is that a family law case tears at the heart and often leaves our clients either blindly angry or inconsolable and lost. We understand this is more than litigation and touches on your “soul.”  As such, our job, as we see it, is to personally guide and counsel as well as litigate and defend you in Court. Sometimes, our clients struggle to find out what is smart and when to fight it out, in court, and when to settle, out of court. We can be there for you, too, just call for a consultation with one of our attorneys.


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Divorce is not easy, whether it is contested or uncontested.  There is almost always pain piled on top of pain, when a “forever” union bursts asunder, shattering the psyche of our clients.

At the Rockefeller Law Center, P.C. we understand that the stress divorce is difficult.  Our experienced family law legal team strives to make the process as seamless and cost effective as possible.  Our attorneys will work diligently to protect your rights while guiding you through the divorce process.

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Over the years, the attorneys at the Rockefeller Law Center, P.C., have assisted hundreds of clients struggling with the tension and potentially emotional train wreck of fighting for custody of their children.  Custody fights are complicated, emotionally draining, and require a strong attorney-client team, fighting for the same goal.  Decisions made in custody cases last a childhood and are not made lightly.

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Father's Rights

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The legal team at Rockefeller Law Center P.C. has handled numerous cases involving fathers’ rights. Gone are the days of the “stay at home mother” that always gets custody of the children.  Fathers have and deserve the same rights as mothers do when it comes to caring for a child. In today’s modern world, both parents work to support their families, and in some instances, the stay at home parent is the father, not the mother.

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Adoption is a wonderful experience!  Attorneys love them, because adoptions are about uniting a family, instead of tearing one apart.  This is one of the few times that we can be hired and there is not some sort of legal crisis or wound we are trying to stave off or staunch.  

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Family Violence

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Domestic violence can be verbal or physical.  The “sticks and stones” adage may be true advice about walking away from a fight; but, when “little ears,” expecting to hear words of encouragement and love, are “slapped” with stinging screaming invective, their psyche suffers.

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Military Divorce

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Over the years, the attorneys at the Rockefeller Law Center, P.C., have grown a reputation of being one of the leading law firms in the Middle Georgia area to help Military Persons and/or Dependent Spouses navigate the churning emotional waters that is a Military Divorce and/or Custody case.  The stresses on our military families are enormous; it is a small wonder so many of them eventually crash and burn.  The sacrifices made from both sides of the military family have value (whether or not a dollar figure can be attributed) and the pain of separation is palpable.

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