How to Make Your Case

When you are injured, your first thought is probably not about a lawsuit; that usually does not come until much later.  Your first thought is about your health and/or your family.  However, by the time you get around to thinking about a lawsuit and/or an attorney, so much opportunity to help your case has been lost.  

Here, then, are a few pointers to contemplate and some things you might want to do, right after you are injured, to help create the best possible case for you to pass on to your attorney:

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Client Forms

We offer several interactive forms that are available for download as a convenience to our clients. The best practice is to open the form you need and then to complete the form by typing your information in the available fields. You may then save or print the form in order to attach the form to an email to us or to fax the form to us, respectively.

If you cannot find a particular form, please call us at (478) 953-6955 or contact us by clicking here.

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